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439 Townbush Road, Montrose
South Africa


Greg Minnaar Cycles - Specialized Elite Store - sells bicycles and accessories, and offers top quality service to ALL makes of bicycles, suspension forks and rear shocks. In fact, we service and repair anything to do with bicycles. Service agents for Fox, Rockshox, Suntour, Lefty's and H/Shocks. Greg Minnaar is 3 x Downhill World Champion.

Featured product

This week’s featured product: Ass-Magic Chamois Cream

Mylene Paynter

ASS MAGIC is made from an emollient based cream, high in lanolin and rich in vitamin E. Not only does this ensure that the product really works, but your skin down there will look great too! The base cream is blended with the secret magic combination of essential oils. Each essential oil is included for a specific reason due to the properties which they possess.

This ensures the cream protects against chafing, is anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal (ie. no funky stuff will grow on your ass) and basically just makes you ride your bike faster… What’s not to love?

RRP: R 120